Saturday, November 2, 2013

Appreciating a New ‘View’ of Things

One thing that I’ve wanted to do for a while is to take the time to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset on the same day. I finally took the opportunity yesterday to do just that. While it may be a surprise to some of the people reading this (namely, anyone who has previously lived with me), I have actually been up before the sunrise pretty much every day for quite a while now. I just happen to usually be on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up on Facebook and things like that when the sun makes its appearance. Yesterday, though, I decided to take an early walk and, as such, was outside when the sun came up.

If you’re like me, when you think about sunrise (or sunset), you tend to focus on the visual side of things – the darkness fading away into the light of a new day and the beautiful colors spanning the horizon. That’s what I was expecting to see yesterday morning, but the clouds had other ideas. Instead of a burst of light shining amidst the pinks and oranges and blues, all I had to see was the gradual transition from pitch black to brighter shades of grey in the sky. Not quite the sunrise I was expecting, but then I noticed something else.

The hum and buzz of the crickets and other nighttime creatures was joined and then replaced by the singing of the birds. And it was just as beautiful to my ears to hear that transition as it would have been for my eyes to see the painted sky. It was like when my focus shifted off the visual, I could actually better appreciate the other wonderful things in God’s creation around me. Because I’m not sure I would have really noticed, much less fully appreciated, the birds’ morning music had I had the view of the sunrise that I had expected.

It makes me think of all the many times God has given me the opportunity to shift my focus on the things in my life and appreciate them in a new way. Maybe it’s a wonder of His creation that I have come to love any more having experienced it a new way. Maybe it’s a relationship that is so much more deep because of the new perspective that either a celebration or sorrow brings to it. Maybe it’s a familiar passage of Scripture that reaches deeper into my heart and my life because I read it at just the time that I needed it so very much. That’s the beauty of living in our Lord’s creation… As the product of an infinite Being, there is just so much depth, so much beauty, so much to gain from His work and His word that we finite humans will never ever ever exhaust the fullness of it all. And that is a tremendous blessing indeed!

May you all be blessed with the chance to see something familiar in your life in a new way today so that we may all give glory to the One who made this possible.

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