Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Study of Psalm 23

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I will be posting some of the personal studies I am doing using the SOAP method. I decided to start somewhere familiar – Psalm 23. This is a psalm that many of us have known and could recite since our childhoods, but, as with the rest of scripture, it has such depth as to constantly have more to teach us about our walk with our Savior.

One of the things about this psalm that intrigued me was the opportunity to learn more about how David wrote it from the perspective of the shepherd-sheep relationship. And as the shepherd-sheep allusion is used many times throughout the Bible to describe Christ’s relationship with His people, I wanted to delve deeper into how this psalm (and other similar references) would have been understood by a people who were much more familiar with the shepherding lifestyle than I am.

Having gone through this psalm verse by verse using the SOAP method, I then read W. Phillip Keller’s book, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. I would recommend that anyone who wants to take a closer look at these verses to likewise seek insight from someone who is well qualified to speak about the world of shepherding. Mr. Keller’s book really helped me gain a better understanding of what the work of a shepherd really entails, which in turn helped me gain a better of understanding of the full meaning of the words in these verses – written by a shepherd about his Shepherd. While I enjoyed reading Mr. Keller’s book, I cannot recommend without a caveat. From my reading, it does appear that he holds some false beliefs on some things, such as how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. For the most part, though, his book is very helpful in this study. What I feel would be even more helpful, though, is to find a Christian who is, or has worked as, a shepherd to study through the psalm with. How fruitful and encouraging a study that would be!

Over the next six posts, I’m going to be sharing what I learned from my study. I used the SOAP method for my personal study, but the posts on here won’t really be laid out as such. While I will type out the Scripture, my observations, and some potential applications, I will not be typing out a prayer for each verse. I wrote out my own as I studied and would encourage all of you to pray to God about the things you are taking from each verse as well.

May God bless us so that we grow in understanding and wisdom as we study and make application from this beautiful psalm.

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